Dear You,

This humble website is an online syllabus to help you navigate the FiddleHed Youtube channel.

I've posted a lot of videos and will be posting a lot more and so I want to make it easy for you to approach learning in a systematic way.

I'm currently working with an amazing team of people to update this site so that it's about 1000 times better, so stay tuned. It should be done by mid-October.

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I've organized the videos into beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels. There are video lessons on technique followed by a list of lessons on tunes that go with the technique you're working on.

Use this and the video lessons in any way that is useful to you. Find your own way. Try to just keep going, playing every day. Most important: HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!


Beginning course outline

Intermediate course outline

Advanced course outline


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If you'd like a good forum for sharing fiddle knowledge and even sharing videos of yourself playing fiddle tunes, try the the Fiddlehed Facebook page. I also have a page for Frequently Asked Questions.

I play with a gypsy rock band called Diego's Umbrella.






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ps: Out of all the lessons on tunes, variations, technique, etc., the most important thing you can learn is good practice. simply play every day in a fun and productive way. Loop small phrases, sing what you play, play things at different speeds, transpose phrases, parts and tunes to other strings & other scales. Listen a lot; listening is practice too. don’t hurry. Try to focus on making the sound as good as possible so you enjoy it.