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melodic variation

melodic variation is when you use the scale to add or subtract notes to a tune. we will learn it by adding variation to scales. this means we will add a little pattern to each step of the scale.this is useful for:

1. improving technique
2. learning tunes more quickly
3. adding variation to fiddle tunes
4. improvising

but most of all, it's FUN. well, I think so...

aka "are you sleeping"
on D major, this will start
D0-1-2-0, THEN
D1-2-3-1, THEN
D2-3-A0-D2, etc.

similar to the above pattern, but it's only three notes. this is goo for practicing jig bowing.
for example,
D0-1-2, D1-2-3, D2-3-A0

aka "skip-a-step", or thirds
for example
D0-2-1-3-2-A0-D3-A1, etc.

D0-2-0,D1-3-1, etc.

also try these on dorian scales, pentatonic scales and triads.


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