I play violin and help write songs for Diego’s Umbrella.


I play in a band with Eva Langman called Rainbow Tigers.

Here's a compilation of different songs and instrumentals from various albums I've made over the years. I wrote the songs for a musical called “The World’s Longest Joke In The World” which premiered in 2014 in San Francisco. These recordings feature Eva Langman (who co-wrote the script) and Jake Wood (of Diego’s Umbrella and March Fourth!) Here’s a playlist of instrumental music I’ve written that is available to be licensed. But mainly I hope you have a good time listening to it! Here’s a song from the children’s album called “The Thin King” with the band Me 3 (featuring Adam McCauley and Bernie Jungle). I wrote the film score to “Gumby Dharma”, a great documentary about Gumby and his creator Art Clokey. I’ve made two solo albums as j.kleinberg. I toured Europe and Japan playing these songs with a mini-disc player named Michael. I used to be in a quirky Americana band called 86 The Band with Joel Murach, Tom Murach, Andy Davis and Joe Rut. Before that I was in a fun band called Paddlefoot with Joel Murach, Tim McCrystle, Lee Chae and Phil Hereso. I’ve also composed some cool music for production libraries.