"The only thing that lasts forever....is Now." 

-Paul J. Friday      


Meditatin 35 minutes a day, sometimes also 5-10 minute micro-meditations to break up the work day.

And when not on tour, going to the SF Zen Center on Saturday morning to zen out with cool people and eat amazing cookies, working on being kinder to myself and others.


I'm working hard on Fiddlehed.com, a free online fiddle lesson site. Currently redesigning the website and learning a little Wordpress, writing a series of articles on how to practice music called "Play Every Day." These will be posted as a blog once the new site is up. Also still teaching private & group lessons to a great group of students.

Still playing violin with Diego's Umbrella.

We have completed a new album called Edjka which comes out next year. Probably lots of touring to support it. I contributed more songwriting on this one which was fun. We are now being managed by Hardline Entertainment and still being booked by Skyline.

Writing songs with Eva Langman who helped me create The World's Longest Joke in the World. This year we released a six song EP called "AdultLand" and changed out name to Rainbow Tigers.

Last updated September, 1, 2016

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