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Extremely grateful for this life of music, creativity and teaching! Below you'll find some of the bands and projects I've been a part of.

Here’s a new album called “Fiddle Ragas” released in September 2022. Imagine: Sailing the seas of raga and ambient music on a ship made of fiddle tunes.

Here's a playlist of different songs and instrumentals from various albums I've made over the years.

I played with a gypsy-rock band called Diego’s Umbrella. We toured the US and Europe for 12 years.

Here’s a playlist of instrumental music I’ve made.

Here's a song from the children's album "The Thin King" with the band Me 3(featuring Adam McCauley and Bernie Jungle).

I wrote the film score to "Gumby Dharma," a great documentary about Gumby and his creator Art Clokey.

I wrote the songs for a musical called The World's Longest Joke in The World which premiered in San Francisco in 2014. These recordings feature Eva Langman(who co-wrote the script) and Jake Wood(of Diego's Umbrella and March Fourth!)

I've made two solo albums as j.kleinberg. I toured Europe and Japan playing these songs.

I played with 86 the Band from 1998-2005 with Joel Murach, Tom Murach, Andy Davis and Joe Rut. We had a quirky Americana sound inspired by the Byrds and the Velvet Underground.

I played in a band called Paddlefoot with Joel Murach, Tim McCrystle, Lee Chae and Phil Hereso. We were influenced by The Pogues, Jonathan Richman and Uncle Tupelo.

I've also composed some cool music for production libraries.

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