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Once upon a time the Earth was a gigantic ball of hot gas        


Later came dinosaurs 


...the written word     



.....and then truckstops         


Sometime after that I was a kid staring at a bedroom wall in Los Angeles wondering, "Will I ever go anywhere?" Then one day, I did.





I started to play violin when I was ten.        For some reason this was embarrassing and so when I had to bring my fiddle to school I would hide it in the bushes. In high school I started a band called Fresh Corn   . The first show was a flop prompting the high school newspaper headline "Fresh Corn Proves Hard To Digest." My brother stole the name and started a successful restaurant mini-chain called Fresh Corn Grill. I'm not upset. The food is good.

Now I teach fiddle through an online course called FiddleHed, make music, learn, meditate and eat breakfast. I've toured the US, Europe and Japan with Diego's Umbrella, the Pine Box Boys and as a solo artist.






I wrote the film score for Gumby Dharma, an emmy-winning documentary about Gumby     and his creator Art Clokey. Though my music has     been placed in film, TV and radio, I mainly do it because it's fun and because I want you to have a good time here.

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