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I'm glad you stopped by. I know there's a lot going on for you, so I'll give you the short version of what I'm up to. If anything sounds interesting, then read more below.

Da Short version 

🎻 Growing FiddleHed into an online community and fiddle school

🤯 California boi moves to Michigan 

🎶 Finishing my first album of fiddle ragas 

🤓 Learning to learn with good people from the Roam Book Club

🙏 Meditating continuously












🎻 Growing FiddleHed into an online community and fiddle school

I've been working hard on my fiddle lesson site, Fiddlehed, building community through group lessons, office hours, monthly hootenannies, and open practice sessions. We're doing lots of experimentation with this, some custom apps and other aspects of the site, which has been has been both fun and challenging. A silver lining of the pandemic: I started to interact directly with the students who take my course. New friends!

🤯 California boi moves to Michigan 

Me and m'wife Melissa bought a place outside of Detroit (a suburb called Rochester). We're next to a cemetery. I like cemeteries. They're peaceful and they remind you of what's important. Overall I'm excited and a bit scared. But like Derek Sivers says, "Do what scares you." The house is being renovated, so we're staying at her Mom's place.

🎶 Finishing my first album of fiddle ragas 

I'm almost done with my first album of fiddle ragas. The working title is "Waiting At The Rainbow Gate." Super-excited! It's been a long time coming (6 years of experimentation). Part of why I'm super-excited (instead of just ordinary-excited) is that I see a path forward in which I can make albums on a yearly basis. Here are some rough demos:












🤓 Learning to learn with the good people of Roam Book Club

I've been learning a note-taking and knowledge-management system called the Zettlekasten and practicing it with an app called Roam. Along the way I joined The Roam Book Club. This has been mind and heart expanding weekly activity. So great to meet so many cool people who are all into learning together.


So far we've read How To Take Smart Notes, The Culture Code , How To Read A Book, Range, So Good They Can't Ignore You. We're currently reading the classic "productivity" book: Getting Things Done. It teaches us how to develop a good system for dealing with all the stuff in your life: to-dos, projects, areas, relationships, physical stuff and more. But I see a spiritual dimension. If you have a really good system, then your mind is free. Freedom is good, right?












🙏 Meditating continuously

I've been meditating for 20 minutes every morning and then in shorter periods throughout the day. And meeting with a weekly meditation group on Zoom. 


I'm experimenting with ways of remembering the basic practice throughout the day. How can any activity be a meditation? Washing dishes or going to the bathroom are enlightenment with the right mindset. If you have the intention to wake up, then your whole life is a part of the process...even on your worst day. 





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Thanks for reading, wishing you well.

Last updated January 8, 2022


ps: A "Now page" is somewhere between a status update and a biography. It's what a person is focused on at this point in their life. Just another great thing I learned from Derek Sivers. He made this cool site collecting hundreds (thousands?) of Now pages for cool people across the galaxy. 

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