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I'm still here. Overall, things are good. I could complain, but you wouldn't listen.

Here are the highlights:

  • Living in La-la Land

  • Teaching fiddle to folks online

  • Recording an album: Fiddle Journeys

  • New Diego's Umbrella album

  • Learning to think / Roam Book Club

  • Meditation on meditation



Living in La-la Land

For the last year I've been living in Los Angeles with my wife Melissa. We got married almost a year ago on 4/24/20 at 4:20 (That's four twenty four twenty four twenty). It's been good to be in LA and connect with my family. I feel like the prodigal son whose returned. But I'll probably be traveling on soon, so trying to enjoy it while I'm here.

Teaching fiddle to folks online

I've been working hard on my fiddle lesson site, Fiddlehed, building community through group lessons, office hours and student hangouts. We're doing lots of experimentation with this and other aspects of the site, which has been exciting.

Recording Fiddle Journeys

I've been recording demos for an upcoming album with the working title Fiddle Journeys. It will be recorded with longtime friend and collaborator Joe Rut in April 2021.












New Diego's Umbrella album

My band Diego's Umbrella is recording an album, led by our fearless leader Vaughn. We released a new video for a song called Cleopatra Cowboy.

Learning to think

I've been learning a note-taking and knowledge-management system called the Zettlekasten and practicing it with an app called Roam. Along the way I joined The Roam Book Club. This has been mind and heart expanding weekly activity. So great to meet so many cool people who are all into learning together. So far we've read How To Take Smart Notes and The Culture Code.












Meditation on meditation

I've been meditating for 20 minutes every morning and then in shorter periods throughout the day. And meeting with a weekly meditation group on Zoom. 


I'm experimenting with ways of remembering the basic practice throughout the day. How can any activity be a meditation? One experiment: I'm using verbal triggers to remember the practice. When going to the bathroom I say, "Being peeing." It sounds weird, but it helps me become aware of what I'm doing.



Thanks for reading, wishing you well.

Last updated March 14, 2021

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